Why should we participate in NNO?

National Night Out is a meaningful event designed to strengthen the partnership between the community and police. Neighbors can meet other neighbors and build a sense of camaraderie in hopes of preventing criminal activity and making their community a better, safer place to live and work…not to mention all the good food and fun, and family activities.

Who gets my information?

The City of Madera Neighborhood Redevelopment Department will only provide event-related information to persons or groups requesting our list. This includes, but is not limited to: City Council members and other elected officials, other City departments, and other participating emergency service providers. We will never release any of your personal contact information (name, phone, email) to any persons or groups outside of the Department for any reason; it is for internal use only.

Does registration guarantee a visit?

Unfortunately, due to the number of events occurring throughout the entire City in one evening, it would be nearly impossible for our Department to attend them all. However, we do make a conscious effort to spread our resources, and between command staff, patrol officers, and dispatchers, we will attempt to visit as many neighborhoods as possible.

What kind of event or activities should we have?

Food is always a hit! Try hosting a potluck, BBQ, or even solicit food donations from a local store or restaurant. Ice cream sundaes are popular, but don’t forget about ice cream cones/bars/sandwiches, snow cones, and popsicles. If you have a lot of kids in the neighborhood, keep them busy with face painting, sidewalk chalk, hula hoop, bubbles or water balloons and other family fun activities. For a more comprehensive list of ways to take your event to the next level, check out National Night Out Helpful Tips & Ideas.

Do I need an event permit?

For more information on the requirements for an event permit or park reservations,contact Neighborhood Outreach staff at (559) 661-2853.

What time does the event start?

An annual kickoff event is held at Courthouse Park at 4:30pm. The neighborhood parties tend to run from 5 to 9pm, although specific times are chosen by participating neighborhoods.